What’s New

  1. The law firm of Flaherty McCarthy LLP has commenced a multi-million dollar Class Action against  DR. VIVEK (VICK) HANDA, UPPER MIDDLE DENTAL and VICK HANDA DENTISTRY PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION alleging widespread exposure to various blood-borne diseases as a result of the defendants’ provision of dental services.  On June 9, 2017, the Halton Region Health Department found an immediate health hazard present at Upper Middle Dental due to improperly cleaned dental instruments.  The allegations contained in the Statement of Claim have not yet been proven in Court. The proposed Class Proceeding seeks $10 million dollars in damages on behalf of approximately 9,000 patients and their family members. Those affected individuals should have received a notice from the Halton Region Medical Officer of Health with instructions to seek blood testing.
  2. A copy of the issued Statement of Claim can be found here.
  3. The Class Proceeding was certified on March 20, 2019.  Flaherty McCarthy LLP represents the class.  The Reasons of Justice Morgan can be reviewed here.
  4. Notice of Certification was provided to class members, in accordance with the Order of the Court.  The time to opt-out of the class proceeding has now expired.
  5. The parties are presently negotiating a settlement of this claim which will ideally be approved by the Court before the end of 2020.  Please check back here for more updates.